Tara Gupta

Tara is a software engineer and entrepreneur, previously at MIT and Google. After learning how algorithms and data determine artists' careers, she created Database Devi, an analytics platform helping hip hop artists and labels build sustainable fanbases and drive hit records. By learning streaming platforms' algorithms and analyzing mountains of data, she created predictive models to help artists strategically roadmap their careers and finesse algorithms. In a saturated music market, it's no longer about winning the love of NYC and LA; Database Devi found that it's most efficient to market to niche audience segments in a particular order. Instead of telling you what happened last week, they tell you what to do next week.

Her goal is for Database Devi to be every artists' data manager, whether independent or represented by a label. She wants to close the gap between big tech companies and artists so that artists can get in their bag and win in the streaming era. She believes precise, actionable artist data is a right and hopes to be the catalyst for that in the music industry.