Kirsten Daniel

Kirsten Daniel is an entertainment titan whose influence and connectivity is as far-reaching as it is deeply rooted in Southern soil. With a scope of work that is impossible to summarize in a singular title, Kirsten has leveraged decades of experience into a formidable reputation as a one-woman show capable of bringing order and peace to a chaotic industry. Her laundry list of clientele includes entertainers, athletes, industry executives, tastemakers, and the occasional multimedia mogul.

Kirsten has cultivated some of the strongest relationships with the most influential people in the business, starting with her mentor Jason Geter, co-founder of Grand Hustle Entertainment [T.I., B.o.B., Travis Scott] and Culture Republic. She credits Geter with his assistance in more than just music. As Geter moved into fashion, partnering with brands like T.I.’s AKOO and helping build the multi-million dollar apparel company, Hustle Gang, Kirsten was right beside him, taking in the knowledge and collecting the jewels behind formulating business plans and learning what works and what doesn’t.
Since her tenure with Grand Hustle and Culture Republic, Daniel has been able to utilize the skills learned in those pivotal years when she consults artists on their development and while working closely with corporations on creative projects. She’s also partnered up with longtime friends, Patrick Afeku, Paul Williams and Pat Dixon in the creation of The Certified Agency -- a sort of one stop facility for brands and artists alike, offering consultation, marketing and development.
Kirsten’s most exceptional superpower is not her ability to juggle the demands of her varied roles, but rather how effortless she makes it all look. She’s an invaluable asset to not just the entertainment industry, but her entire hometown.