DQ Hampton

DQ Hampton was born in the late ‘80s in Waco, TX. Being the oldest of four, DQ was raised in a revolutionary musical family. Influenced by his father and uncles, better known worldwide as the critically acclaimed group Verbal Seed, DQ began to rap at the age of 6. He performed at local talent shows around the city and by the time he was a teenager, was well known in his hometown. With influences such as Nas, Outkast, Jadakiss and Cassidy, DQ mastered the art of lyricism. His style is packed with punch lines and southern vernacular with the ability to blend in like a chameleon. By releasing a few independent mixtapes and performances in The Official Waco Cypher series DQ quickly rose as one of the best in the Central Texas region. A true star in the making.
Relocating to the Dallas/Fort Worth area, DQ officially signed with Black Son Media Group in 2013. Since September 2013, Black Son Media Group has continued to release free online albums every month from Sept 2013 to Dec 2015 starting with DQ’s “No Distractions”. In 2014 he released "Quality is Second Nature", "Make It Or Break It" in 2015, his debut album “Highly Distinguished” in 2017 and his critically acclaimed album “Grandiose” Dec 2018 and acclaimed EP “Bloody Summer” June 2019.
In the words of DQ, "I always had a passion for rapping and always had a passion for flashing but I also understood the responsibility that has been given to me as an artist. Life is a stage and everyone should play their part but honestly, I always felt my part was the leading star role.”