Roseroyce Rique

Rique is 32 years old. Born on July 4th, 1987. It's clear that he's a proud representative of North Carolina. He has a strong confidence about himself, and a money driven hunger. Rique hails from Asheville NC, known for it's art, luxury and poverty stricken areas. His lyrics portray the hustle and grind for those less fortunate of an affluent lifestyle. Born into a large family, he's said, that it's his objective to succeed with his music in this industry. With banger's like "Fully Loaded", and ballads over both hardcore and smooth hip-hop beats. He's sure to attract the attention of millions, with his unique rhyme schemes and metaphors. Relocating to Charlotte NC, in High School he honed his rap skills by visiting the cities hottest spots that hosted artist showcases, and performing at clubs, while battling local artist, and creating a persona for his self. When asked, his reply was that he is not in any particular genre of rap, and has yet to dedicate his self to a particular style. But his ICON in this game was Tupac and he would love to work with Dr.Dre. Lyrically he doesn't compare his self to any artist but if asked, his answer would be he is favorable to both Andre 3,000 and Wale. Rique has also taken a great liking to artist like Childish Gambino, J Cole and Kendrick Lamar.