Gavin Sheppard

Gavin Sheppard is a social entrepreneur, thought leader, and most importantly, a mentor. For over 15 years, he has been instrumental in the development of artists and creatives from Toronto through The Remix Project, a culture incubator he co-founded in 2006. His work has influenced and put on a generation of young minds seeking the tools to succeed in music, fashion, visual arts, and business.

Gavin’s many years of building platforms and advocating for the urban creative class has gained him recognition as a TED Fellow, a Yale World Fellow, and in the past, being a regular speaker for the Organization of American States and UN Habitat around urbanization and cultural development. From lifestyle brands The Legends League & Get Fresh Company, to producers Noah “40” Shebib, Wondagurl, & FrancisGotHeat, to artists Jessie Reyez & dvsn, Gavin has been a trusted ear and source of advice for many of Toronto’s creative influencers.

Across industries, movements, and neighbourhoods, Gavin continues to bridge opportunities, and help steward the next generation of Canadian creative talent to the world stage. In his latest evolution, Gavin is co-founder of Quiet As Kept, a management company and agency partnered with eOne and founder of Public Records Inc., a new record label with Universal Music Canada.