Black Metaphor

Byron Forest II, better known in the music industry as Black Metaphor, was born in Montgomery, Alabama and raised in Atlanta, Georgia. Making music was an immediate goal of Black Metaphor's once being introduced to the art form early in his college years in ATL. "I knew I wanted to be a producer after my first semester in college. By that point, I actually became obsessed with learning the craft and wanting to perfect my sound" say BM.

Early on, Black cites influences Just Blaze, Dilla, 9th Wonder, Bink as producers that kept him motivated as he was trying to gain his own spot. Black then decided to venture out and get his chops up on the beat battle scene by showcasing his music at various istandard producer events and at the A3C festival in order to gain some awareness from the city's elite music creators. After winning several events and using his god given skill set, Black Metaphor went on to produce records for major label artists such as Young Jeezy, French Montana, Rick Ross, The Game, Meek Mill & more.