Charlie "Lawless" KAPAGOLET

Lawless is a French music producer and DJ based in Paris.

With influences from EDM to HipHop, Soul and R&B, he travels to different countries, working and exploring new ways to compose.

Lawless has been part of several contests like "Instro’s Only" (UK), the "iStandard Producer Showcase" (USA) and won 2nd place in "Break The Beat" (FR).

Since 2018, he has teamed up with the Tunisian artist "Medusa TN", producing most of the music and being present on stage with her as a DJ.

He had the opportunity to work with South African artist "Toya Delazy" and other artists around the globe and is now also creating music with producers MarkByrd, Charity, Black Bell & Fuego X as a member of "GODLVL" (US).