Barry Johnson

Managing talent in the music business is a role Barry “Hefner” Johnson approaches with the keen understanding that great talent requires great guidance. In the background is where he learned to be the coach who develops artist into champions. Before managing musicians at the age of 10 Barry knew he wanted to make music. Growing up around a grandfather who was a disc jockey inspired the passion. By 23 due to a growing contempt for the industry’s politics he started considering alternatives to be within music without being an artist. In 2005 after moving from the home state of Atlanta Georgia to Pittsburgh Pennsylvania the company Fab 5 Entertainment and Fab 5 Management were founded by a collective of creatives with Barry as the CEO. The meeting of business partner Zeke Nicholson who was an ambitious go-getter coming out of high-school brought Barry and Fab 5 Management their first artist to co-manage. Social settings like their extravagant parties and local studio sessions gave access to the artist leading to the discovery and doing the early groundwork for the careers of Wiz Khalifa and Mac Miller while in Pittsburgh and Travis Scott during a brief period of living in Los Angeles. After a series of promising prospects uncoachable clients and unavoidable pitfalls 10 years of perseverance paid off with the recent success of hip-hop newcomer J.I.D and EarthGang―who under Barry and Zeke’s co-management and development was able to sign record deals with J. Cole’s Dreamville record label and sellout two headlining North America tours in 2017-2018. As his artist began to soar Barry found a partner and kindred spirit in entrepreneur and talent manager in KeiSaundra ‘Kei Opens Doors’ Henderson. The two agreed to merge their management companies-Governed By Loyalty & Fab 5 Entertainment-to create SinceThe80s: a joint venture label management