Justice Baiden

Justice Baiden is a 27-year-old executive and co-founder of Love Renaissance (LVRN) home to artists like 6lack, Summer Walker, Dram, Santi, and Boogie. Born in Atlanta, then moving to Ghana early in his childhood, Baiden would return to the A for the sixth grade. This is how he learned to adapt and appreciate other cultures. As the child of Ghanaian parents, Baiden often heard music from various sects of Africa and reggae from island legend Bob Marley, cultivating an ear that welcomed diverse genres and styles. As the head of A&R for LVRN, Baiden's role has been integral. He has an ear for authentic storytellers and is determined to provide an outlet for creatives, especially those in his hometown. The exec now shares what he's learned on his vlog, which is called "Clout Coins." I want to put out all of the marketing plans for all of our artists and really be a well of inspiration."