Don Gerard Di Napoli Jr.

Don Gerard Di Napoli Jr. is the Co-Founder / CEO of [istandard], a music creator coalition since 2005. We @ [istandard] host educational, networking, and competitive events in over 35 international markets, as well as creating custom creator content specific to ever changing trends in the industry. We are also evolving into management, publishing and licensing [#creatorfam], as well as partnering with brands such as FOCAL, Kaotica, IK Multimedia, LANDR, Lauten Audio, Eventide, and more with our online boutique [select ✖︎ produce]

Don has experience in producing and songwriting, having accredited works out with the likes of John Oates, Neon Hitch, Beya Likhari, and others.

Always looking to broaden his interests, Don is currently enrolled in Y Combinator's Startup School, working on an online food delivery aggregate called PriceChow

Don's favorite color is purple and food is pizza. He is from North Jersey and currently resides in Greenpoint, Brooklyn.