Mick Moreno

Mick Moreno has worked in the Music & Clothing Industry since 2002 when he got his first start with The Neptunes' record label Star Trak Entertainment. He was apart of the initial launch of Billionaire Boys Club and Ice Cream brands in 2004 that helped bring Japanese street wear culture to America. While working in the A&R Department, he transitioned to become personal assistant to Pharrell Williams. In 2008, Mick became tour manager for the group N.E.R.D. While spending most of his time in the studio, he was Pharrell's Production Coordinator for the multi-media company i am OTHER. Worked on collaborations with retail store Fruition Las Vegas & clothing line Better Gift Shop. Now with the collective No Vacancy Inn, Mick has been apart of the marketing and social media strategy behind the brand since its initial roll out in 2015 and campaign with Dover Street Market.