Fred Foster

Fred Saint Foster is a self-taught creative and the art director behind some of hip-hop's biggest acts. A lifelong student of design, Foster is also the owner of disruptive fashion label Cease & Desist.

Foster was born in the United Kingdom, but shortly thereafter migrated to Ghana, where he took an early interest in drawing. To nurture his rising interest into a full-fledged passion, he moved halfway across the world to Atlanta, Georgia, a Mecca for emerging artists and musicians. Immersing himself in the city’s burgeoning cultural scene, he began to develop a darker, more cerebral vision of what fashion can ask of its wearer.

The label’s early offerings quickly gained acclaim among A-list entertainers such as Beyoncé, Future, Justin Bieber, J Balvin, 2 Chainz and more who were taken by the label's rich cuts, twisted details and precise tailoring.

This appreciation and camaraderie stoked Foster’s ambition to further contemplate the future of fashion. An honest and careful contemplation that is not without romanticism, Cease & Desist aims to capture the aesthetic of the future so we can experience it today.

The brand’s philosophy is simple yet rich: To gift each wearer with the freedom to explore themselves in a way that is unique yet always recognizable.