Sammye-Ruth Scott

Sammye-Ruth Scott is a proactive, selfless, and conscientious woman who brings value to every situation imaginable. Hailing from The River City of Chattanooga, Tennessee, Sammye was heavily influenced by music that has now become a passion for the Artist and Repertoire professional. Relocating to Atlanta, Georgia, Sammye attended from the #1 ranked HBCU in the country, Spelman College. During Sammye’s time at Spelman, her initial career plans were to become a lawyer as her major was Psychology with a track in Pre-Law. She received her bachelor’s degree and successfully graduated Spring 2012.

As her time in Atlanta progressed, Sammye found herself heavily eager to learn more about the music industry and where she would make the biggest difference within it. Not knowing exactly what she wanted to do in the music industry, Sammye just knew she wanted to do something that coincided with law. Since graduating, Sammye has gained accolades of becoming a panelist and public speaker, A&R for Atlantic Records, manages some of Atlanta’s rising talents, and she partners and curates engaging events like Candid Conversations for creatives and tastemakers.

Sammye has also recently won the 20 under 30 Award and has been recognized by The Ne-Yo Foundation. She also takes pride in being an avid volunteer of Reading with Rari along with being a mentor for TLJ’s Little League Mentorship for Young Women Program. As a dot connector, some would like to think that Sammye has made it, but she believes otherwise. With goals to change her surroundings and ultimately the world, Sammye-Ruth Scott is just getting started.