Felisha Booker

Felisha Booker is the phenom behind a monumental cultural movement that is destined to live in music history. Having moved to New York with only forty dollars to her name, Felisha knew she would be unable to maneuver and network with her limited funds. She began temping by day to support the intense networking she would have to do at night in order to kick down the doors. While networking she landed a position at Elektra Entertainment Group in 2001. It was at this job that she became unhappy with how the industry mistakenly connects where one is on the hierarchy with their competence. Felisha became further intrigued with the influence that entrepreneurship would have on being able to conquer the business her way. Felisha left her job and began networking relentlessly, scoring the connections that would ultimately aid in her efforts in launching her brainchild, Dynamic Producer.

Beginning as the industry’s first conference for music producers, Dynamic Producer quickly grew to encompass a membership organization for thousands of music producers. Later the company evolved into a music library securing over 10,000 sync placements in TV/Film.

Born aware of her need to be in and anywhere around great things, Felisha has spent her entire life making the necessary moves to reserve herself a space amongst the entertainment industry’s biggest and best. Just hitting her second-wind, Felisha is most excited at the launch of her new startup HEARBK, a new platform that enables musicians to find their perfect listeners and request feedback on their tracks. Her approach to success is raw, honest, and always real. She’s a creative thinker and innovator, not stopping at the many challenges that come along with being an entrepreneur. Booker realizes that in order to win, a fearless prowess must also accompany professional business savvy.