Christopher Jones

Chris Jones’ passion for music was born at a young age. The son of a former music industry veteran, he spent much of his time in New York City seeing bands and meeting musicians. He soon began his own music career, becoming a mainstay of the New York City singer-songwriter scene and touring nationally throughout the 1990’s and 2000’s. After undergoing an unexpected heart procedure, he shifted his gaze and decided he wanted to do more than make music, he wanted to make the music industry work better for artists.

Frustrated with the scattershot ways artists were forced to present the many facets of their work and lives, Jones began creating the architecture for what would become Ursa Music. Together with long-time friend and fellow musician Chad Royce, they quickly sank their teeth into the idea and started development. Jones brings his decades of music making and business experience to the platform, which is designed to let artists build beautiful, informative profiles and connect the creative dots with collaborators and fans.