Dr. Joycelyn Wilson

Dr. Joycelyn Wilson is an Anthropologist of Hip Hop, the South, & Black Maker Culture. She is an Assistant Professor of Hip Hop Studies and Digital Media in the School of Literature, Media, and Communication at Georgia Tech, an essayist for The Bitter Southerner, Emmy-Nominated documentary producer for the film "Walking With Guns", and as a technologist she is the founder of the HipHop2020 Innovation Archive, an education technology start-up that designs and builds learning resources informed by the Hip Hop Archive for secondary and post-secondary humanities and computational media instruction. As a pioneer of Outkast-centered scholarship, her courses on the politics of trap music, southern hip hop, and interactive narrative design are some of the most popular and have been covered on a variety of local, national, and international media platforms. Dr. Joyce is a native southerner raised and schooled in southwest Atlanta. Collectively, she has two decades of experience covering Atlanta hip hop culture, music, and politics as a researcher and journalist for publications including XXL, The Source, Fader, and Atlanta Studies. You can learn more about her at www.drjoyce.net. Follow on Twitter and Instagram @iamdrjoycelyn