Brittany Young

Brittany is a Baltimore native; she has programmed nuclear plants developed medical devices planned satellite explorations but finds the most satisfaction in her roles in education, problem solving & service to her community.

After the incarceration of her minor brother who was convicted as an adult and experiences in the STEM feild, she became empowered to create solutions to funnel home grown talent which resulted B-360. B-360 utilizes dirt bike culture to change the perceptions of engineers and dirt bike riders. Since launching in 2017, the org has served over 5000 students, hired riders and works with city officials to shift the culture around urban riding best practices and positive narrative.

Brittany is a current Echoing Green Fellow, OSI Baltimore Fellow and Camelback Fellow. She was named the 2018 Social Innovator of the Year, 2018 Baltimore Homecoming Hero, 2019 Trailblazer in Humanitarianism,2019 Roc Nation Black History Month Hero, 2019 Baltimore 40 Under 40. She has gained support from Red Bull Amaphiko ,Toyota’s #MakeUp2Mud and city governments. Her work has been featured in Johns Hopkins Technology Ventures, CBS,Forbes, Freethink, Teen Vogue, NBC Sports and more!

It is Brittany's hope that she can help re imagine city planning and government best practices to create events for this style of riding that parallel to motocross increase safety and provide a model for culturally relevant education programming and curriculum.Her life's goal is to show people that look like her how innately brilliant and talented they are. Brittany sees herself as a "socio-economic" engineer -connecting talent and passion to opportunity and uplifting voices in communities.

For more information visit and follow us on IG and Facebook at B360Baltimore. #b360 #betherevolution