Chanell Ketchmore

Chanell Ketchmore Founded Ketchmore Kids in 2005 in her hometown of Newport News, Virginia. Ketchmore Kids uses hip-hop music and culture, and the arts, to work with youth and families on a variety of topics such self-esteem, conflict resolution, goal setting and more. Ketchmore Kids created and launched "Healing With Hip-Hop", and program dedicated to helping youth who have lost a loved one to violence manage their grief in positive, artistic, ways. Ketchmore Kids is looking to launch "Da Crown Series" and "Kids Zumba" in 2020. Chanell currently resides in Charlotte, North Carolina with her husband, and children. Ketchmore Kids is now fully operational in Newport News and Charlotte. Chanell (IG @Chanell_Carrion), has a Master's Degree in Psychology, and has been working with children and families, in various settings, for over 15 years. Chanell has long been a fan of hip-hop music and culture, so Ketchmore Kids provides the perfect blend of these two worlds! Chanell brings a diverse skill set to the table that enables her to easily connect with, and guide, families and children, using hip-hop music and culture every step of the way. Chanell is also the co-owner of Hope, Heal, and Peace Center, a private practice she started with her husband, Kazar, that provides individual music therapy based services, and parenting skills education, to individuals in their homes. Her years in the non-profit arena have equipped her well to also venture into the areas of non-profit consulting and grant-writing. Chanell is committed to the continued success and growth of Ketchmore Kids, and has surrounded herself with a great team of people who are just as committed and passionate as she is. Find out more about Ketchmore Kids at KetchmoreKids.Org.