Brooklyn Johnny

Brooklyn Johnny is a prolific music mogul whose career is growing exponentially by the year. His ability to adapt to his surroundings seamlessly and relate to both business and “street” aspects of the entertainment industry has led to his powerful relationships and ultimately his success. In the late 2010’s, the burgeoning executive shifted his focus towards music and built a studio in Brooklyn for upcoming artists and producers to work out of. There, he learned how to engineer, make beats, write music. At Johnny’s studio, DJ Clark Kent would become a frequent visitor and watched a precocious Johnny woo producers with his gift of gab in hopes of becoming their manager. Eventually, he cajoled Johnny into switching over to the corporate side of things, where he would reap bigger rewards. Johnny's wit and savvy allowed him to not only help Kodak Black get a deal with Atlantic Records in 2015, but also Cardi B a year later. Atlantic Records' chairman, Craig Kallman, has effusive praise for Johnny and his ability to help reel in both artists to his label. In early 2019, Johnny's swift delivery caught the eye of RCA Records. In November of 2019 they announced Johnny's joint venture deal with RCA, which includes his label District 18 Entertainment serving as his new home. Johnny hopes to find more superstars and mold them into perennial Grammy winners through his latest venture.