Tip "T.I." Harris

Tip “T.I.” Harris
Artist, Actor, Entrepreneur, Activist and Podcast Host
Aside from his contributions in entertainment including, 10 hit albums, multiple Grammy’s,
Billboard BET and American Music Awards, countless blockbuster movies and top-xadrated
television shows including, ATL, VH-xad1’s T.I. & Tiny: The Family Hustle, American Gangster and
Marvel’s Antman, to name a few, Tip “T.I.” Harris has made an indelible mark on the world of
business. He is an artist, entrepreneur and activist who has amassed a business empire to
include a record label, a 10-xadyear old clothing line (Akoo, which stands for “A King of Oneself”), a
real estate holdings company, production company, non-xadprofit organization (Harris Community
Works), co-xadowner of the global streaming service, TIDAL, arts and museum curator, investor
and much more. Harris served on the Mayor of Atlanta’s Transition Team, where he focused on
policy and legislation;; and currently serves on the Reimagining Atlanta Task Force, aimed at
creating restorative practices and a community-xaddriven approach to addressing incarceration. He
has been recognized most recently as a thought leader at the United States Capitol and during
the Operation Hope and Forbes Magazine business conferences. His community focus is
around driving economic mobility and equity in vulnerable, underserved communities. Harris
was also awarded the first-xadever “Voice of the Culture” award by ASCAP and is the host of a new
#1 rated podcast, expediTIously with Tip “T.I.” Harris.